Ujué is a small medieval town full of charm, situated in the eastern half of Navarra, Pamplona 53 km and 20 km from Tafalla.
Its location is unique because it is located on top of a mountain overlooking the mountains of Ujué.
With an altitude of 815 meters above sea level Ujué is a real vantage point from which on clear days from the codillera Pyrenees dominate the north to the banks of the Ebro and the silhouette of Moncayo in the south.
The visit to Ujué represents a journey through time as the Medieval and defensive character of the town remains intact.
The town center consists of a motley collection of old houses arranged around the church-fortress of Santa Maria (XI-XIV centuries), which is high in Ujué. Walking up the steep cobbled streets running through the village, still seem to hear the metallic sounds of knights and soldiers themselves.


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