The Road of Santiago

The Road of Santiago

Navarre is the “door”  of The Road of Santiago on the peninsula. And throughout his tour, showing to visitors much of the art treasures and natural and cultural diversity on a route that the Navarrese king Sancho III the Great promoted in the eleventh century as an officer, taking the name of the French Way.

The Road of Santiago has significance in the European history, the first backbone of the continent. The discovery of the tomb of the first Apostle Martyr meant finding indisputable point of reference where I could converge the plurality of different conceptions of christian peoples, but needed at the time of unity.

Aware of the importance that was supposed to have a relic as the remains of St. James the Greater to its military-warriors and money needed in their struggle against the Moors, the Spanish Monarchies contributed to the success of the holy path.

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