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Lucerne Lake

Located at an impressive mountain panorama is Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland, nestled on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Thanks to its attractions (such as the Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, Church of the Jesuits and the old town, among others), its souvenir and watch the attractive location in the lake and mountain hiking nearby […]

The Fountain of Ginebra

The main “liquid monument” is one of the historic ramparts most international city in Switzerland. In 1886 a society dedicated to pumping and supply working at the edge of the lake, decided to escape the water at night to reduce the pressure in the pipes of the city, because water demand was much lower than […]

District of Caves

Ginebra is a city that never stops surprising you. Under the guise of cosmopolitan and full of foreigners who will work in official bodies, hide a bunch of places you can not fail to discover. At present, impresses with its amazing buildings. Gaudianas curvy, colorful, unimaginable ways … In fact, he is called the neighborhood […]

Rhine Falls

In summer during the thaw is when raises his flow and is much more voluminous, and therefore more appealing. To enjoy it to have different viewpoints reached after a short walk and from which we have the water very very close, another option is to take one route in boats that bring us closer to […]


Official Tourist Guide of Barcelona and Catalonia

With the  2017 year, comes a new era and new design for my website visitors guideinbarcelona.com really hope it is practical and useful for profesional people and not only in navigating this website but also in hiring my services as  Official Tourist Guide of Barcelona and Catalonia , as well as many services in the […]

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