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UjuĂ© is a small medieval town full of charm, situated in the eastern half of Navarra, Pamplona 53 km and 20 km from Tafalla. Its location is unique because it is located on top of a mountain overlooking the mountains of UjuĂ©. With an altitude of 815 meters above sea level UjuĂ© is a real […]

The Road of Santiago

Navarre is the “door”  of The Road of Santiago on the peninsula. And throughout his tour, showing to visitors much of the art treasures and natural and cultural diversity on a route that the Navarrese king Sancho III the Great promoted in the eleventh century as an officer, taking the name of the French Way. […]

The Olive Monastery

The Olive Monastery is one of the most important and spectacular Cistercian monasteries in Spain. His visit is to perceive the transcendent greatness of architecture in the history of European art from the Middle Ages. The Monastery of Our Lady of the Olive is Carcastillo, east of Navarre, close and of Aragon. Its history dates back […]

The Castle of Javier

The Javier Castle is one of the few who keep their defenses and all the component structures in very good condition. You enter in the castle by a drawbridge, from which you come to a courtyard defended by the tower of Christ and finally enters the main building of the fort through a gate defended […]


Official Tourist Guide of Barcelona and Catalonia

With the  2017 year, comes a new era and new design for my website visitors really hope it is practical and useful for profesional people and not only in navigating this website but also in hiring my services as  Official Tourist Guide of Barcelona and Catalonia , as well as many services in the […]

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